The Plantain has learned that David Wilkinson, 28 years old, was othered and told to “go back to your country” by patrons at a Little Havana La Carreta as he tried to order a ham sandwich, french fries, and a “pop” in English.

“But this is America!” said Mr. Wilkinson of Broward County. “They should speak English and go back to THEIR country.”

“No, this is Miami, you should go back to YOUR country,” said Eduardo Santos, 58, after hearing Mr. Wilkinson English food order and racist frustration.

The two went back and forth like this for about twenty minutes, each pulling out their cell phones and promising each other that they would be very embarrassed once the video went viral.

“This is exactly why Trump was elected!” said Mr. Wilkinson to Mr. Santos. “Exactly,” said Mr. Santos, to a confused Mr. Wilkinson.

“I love Trump,” said the elderly Cuban man.

“Me too,” said the white dude from Broward.

“I guess we have more in common than we think,” Mr. Wilkinson said to Santos, remembering that somehow the Cuban community overwhelmingly supports Donald Trump which makes no fucking sense.

“I guess we do,” said Mr. Wilkinson, before asking Mr. Santos to help him order the ham sandwich from the waitress who was just texting on her phone during their entire stupid fight.

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