Wife Completely Disinterested In Status of Husband's Bracket

Wife Completely Disinterested In Status of Husband's Bracket

 Maria Jordan does not care about her husband’s March Madness bracket. Like, at all. 

“No!” and “Are you fuckin’ serious?” yelled Jonathan Jordan from the other room while watching the Villanova vs. Wisconsin game. 

“Babe, 11th seeded USC beat SMU at 6!” screamed Jonathan to his wife as she prepared a dinner she knew would be enjoyed at the coffee table as the television blared in front of them. “That’s bad right?” replied Maria passively, not caring at all about what her husband just said or was about to say. “Yeah, obviously. Luckily Damian had Creighton beating Rhode Island, so I’m still in the running for the office pool.” 

“That’s great,” said Maria, who had never even heard of Creighton and for a minute considered asking where it was but decided not to so as to not trigger another lecture about the tournament from her husband. (Editor’s Note: It’s in Nebraska. We didn’t know either.).  

 “Yes! Yes! Yes!” shouted Jonathan as Duke, who he had picked to win the whole thing, pulled ahead of South Carolina. “I love you babe,” shouted a jubilant Jonathan to his wife, before asking her to bring him another beer.