Woman Makes Amazing Dinner For Family After Day of Protesting Against the Patriarchy

Woman Makes Amazing Dinner For Family After Day of Protesting Against the Patriarchy

After an exciting day of marching against the patriarchy, 28-year-old Catherine Torres-Smith returned home to make dinner for her family. “I would have liked to have stayed out to protest the gender roles women in this country are still somehow forced to adhere to, but I had to get home to prepare dinner before it got too late.”

Awaiting Mrs. Torres-Smith at home was her husband, Dominic, who had spent the day eating Chipotle and watching Fuller House before falling asleep on the couch for several hours, during which time the family’s dog shat twice on the floor and the couple’s two-year-old son Jacob made a mess of the living room.

Not wishing to disturb her sleeping husband, Catherine quietly cleaned up the numerous wrappers and glasses he had accumulated throughout the day, walked the dog, and cleaned up the messes he and Jacob made during her husband’s nap before starting a sophisticated roasted chicken recipe that her mother-in-law sent to her earlier that week.

“How was the protest thingy?” Dominic called to his wife in the kitchen after waking. “It was great,” said Catherine as she julienned carrots. “There was a speaker there from Planned Pare…,” Catherine began to say before being cut off. “Babe, I’m sorry, but how long until dinner?” “About 20 minutes,” she said, completely forgetting what she was saying before.

As Catherine continued to prepare supper, Dominic quietly walked into his office and masturbated to a sexually aggressive video of three men becoming intimate with a pig-tailed 18-year-old girl, but was not able to finish before hearing his wife tell him dinner was ready. “Give me a minute,” he yelled as Catherine set the table and knowingly waited for her husband to finish pleasuring himself.

When Dominic finally arrived at the table his dinner was waiting for him. “The chicken is probably cold, do you want me to heat it up?” Catherine asked, to which her husband said that she didn’t have to. “I’m not too hungry. I had Chipotle for lunch,” he told her as he took a few bites of chicken and none of the vegetables, noting that the food was very good, but too salty.

Over dinner, Dominic told Catherine every detail about his uneventful day before asking his wife about hers and the Rally for Women’s Rights she attended. “I can’t believe we still have to protest for equal rights for women,” said Dominic sincerely before telling his wife that he loved her and returning to the couch, leaving Catherine to clean off the table.

“It’s pretty fucking unbelievable,” sighed Catherine as she returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes.